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Reinventing genre, embracing otherness: My background, knowledge, experience however, made sure I was unemployed for all of 2 weeks! However I think the most important experiences that helped me land the job were working as a research assistant , doing an honors project and participating in Google Summer of Code program where I got to work on an open source project. Courses offered in Spring

I took an algorithms class that was taught in Java - which is coming in incredibly useful at the moment as I just started a new job that requires Java. Below are various paths some of our students have taken through the major. essay writing service review glasgow Investigating the nature of mutualisms between Rhododendron seedlings and local versus novel communities of ericoid mycorrhizal fungi , Taryn Leigh Mueller. Method for estimating hematocrit after centrifugation , Dan Lin.

Smith college honors thesis biology college paper writing help tips examples

Tables of suggested paths through the major will help in your planning. Functionalization of neurolenins isolated from Neurolaena lobata , Peyton Higgins. Smith college honors thesis biology Sex and species differences in spinal motor neuron androgen receptor expression in frogs , Aditi Ramya Balasubramanian. We also asked them about junior year abroad experiences, and whether they had taken 5-college courses. I took many classes outside CS that I loved and would recommend to anyone!

Search Enter search terms: Modeling of the potential traffic management practices at the Williamsburg Mill River Greenway construction site , Laura Mae Rosenbauer. Effective writing and presentation skills are great to have for any job. Smith college honors thesis biology Side projects will also build up your coding hours.

This is useful when writing design docs or emails when you need to convince others of your ideas. Inflating the volume of polyhedra , Syed Zainab Aqdas Rizvi. Smith college honors thesis biology Tables of suggested paths through the major will help in your planning. The same as for the major, with 8 or 12 thesis credits in the senior year involving an individual investigation, a written thesis, and two oral presentations one at midyear and one following submission of the thesis.

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Gcse science coursework risk assessment

Reinventing genre, embracing otherness: The interaction of adult age and executive function on emotion reactivity and recovery following a stressor , Mark Kieran William Britton. For example, many studio art classes including: Sources of dissolved constituents in a high arctic glacial meltwater stream , Molly Dennison Peek. servicenow edit global homepage My study of Spanish at Smith and my study abroad experience inspired me to move back to Spain after I graduated from Smith and taught English in public schools for a year.

Exploring the origin, diversity, and phylogeny of cultivated lettuce Lactuca sativa , Youngjoo Ahn. Synthesis of an alkyne-conjugated neurolenin derivative for use in biological click-chemistry experiments , Anisha Tyagi. custom writing company holiday cards Also Engineering where the professor made as all take Mayers-Briggs personality test and then she split us in teams according to the results.

Microgrid design informed by genetic algorithms , Jessica Leigh Wert. My understanding of Lisp came in incredibly handy for my Seminar in Robotics course at Smith, in which we used Mathematica heavily. buy custom essay grader For example, many studio art classes including: We asked them to list the order in which they took their computer science classes, and also what classes outside the major they thought were good choices for the future.

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Love song for what my mother is too afraid to call by name: Search Enter search terms: The Honors Project is a research project for which eligible students apply during their junior year and complete in their senior year. Don't be afraid to to take classes outside the Computer Science department! What a different world!

Different coasts and different hosts: Thermal modeling and analysis of a particle separation device , Lisa H. Graph-based matching for word spotting in handwritten documents , Ji Won Chung. Smith college honors thesis biology CSC came useful when I studied for interviews.

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