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Evaluation of an educational Approach Amy Burns Family and Marital Adaptation Following Traumatic Brain Injury Erica Clayton The experiences and identity issues of men with intellectual disabilities who sexually offend against women Cindy Davies The impact of a booster session following behavioural parent training Saffron Dickinson Repetitive thought as a predictor of treatment outcome in individuals who misuse alcohol Dickson Katharine Body site specificity of self-injurious behaviour in children with severe intellectual disability Ailyn Garley A Case Series to Pilot Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Female Urinary Incontinence Kate Green An Investigation of Transgenerational Parenting Constructs and their relationship to childhood behaviour difficulties Pauline Hall Postnatal negative cognitions: Deavin, Toni A qualitative exploration of family members' experiences of paediatric chronic illness. Smith, Laura What are the experiences of caring for a loved one with a chronic illness.

Psychosocial implications for individuals and relevant others Stephen Weatherhead Muslim Views on Mental Health and Psychology Graduating year Hayley Bailey Distress and the self-care practices of trainee clinical psychologists. A review of current understanding and development of a self-report scale Lindsey Hampson Parental Attributions, Responses, and expectancy towards Behaviours of children with a diagnosis of Asperger's syndrome Catherine Marshall Breast Reconstruction: Jaime Craig Social reasoning, paranoia and theory of mind in adults with Asperger's syndrome and paranoid psychosis.

Caroline Browne Attachment behaviours and parent fixation amongst adults with dementia. Katie Hatton The experience of guilt, shame and entrapment in carers of people with dementia and the relationship of these variables to psychological outcome. write my report girlfriend birthday card Amie Smith Attachment patterns, supervisory style and the supervisory working alliance. Richard Colley Hearts and minds: Victoria Pike Physical functioning, coping and quality of life amongst adults in need of long-term rehabilitation.

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Emma Chorlton An exploration of the experiences of people with coexisting mental health and substance use difficulties. Alec Laraway Prevalence of emotional disorders in adults with Asperger syndrome and access to mental health services. Psychology dissertation ideas on mental health Lorraine Turnbull What skills are necessary for people with learning disabilities to engage in community leisure activities?

Service user perspectives Roxanna Mohtashemi An exploration of psychiatrists' understanding and use of psychological formulation Richard Colley Hearts and minds: Wedlock, Laura The role of interpreters in accessing psychological support and developing relationships in mental health and deafness. Kriten Mistry Exploring the psychological experiences of people living with a diagnosis of motor neurone disease.

Hugill, Mel Early life adverse experiences and the effect on parenting stress and schizotypal symptons Joyce, Ciara Lived long-term experience of eating disorders: Jane Lawton The use of alcohol in a chronic pain population: Mary Delaney Perceptions of cause and control of impulse control disorders in people with Parkinson's Disease. Elizabeth Billington Does hopefulness predict good adjustment to chronic renal failure and consequent dialysis? A qualitative study Fiona Lattimer The impact of child-centred play taught in behavioural parent training on the development of children's language skills Suzanne Lee The psychological impact of a diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease Rachael McNulty The experience of obesity:

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Duxbury, Anna What is the process by which a decision to administer electronconvulsive therapy ECT or not is made: Jaime Craig Social reasoning, paranoia and theory of mind in adults with Asperger's syndrome and paranoid psychosis. A qualitative investigation Amy D'Sa Exploration of how children and young people self-construe following a traumatic experience Hannah Wilson Clinical psychologists' experiences of accessing personal therapy during training Rachel Wass Compassion and burnout in community mental health work Jennifer Hewitt Young people, home and homelessness a narrative exploration Lucy Morris The process of change in non-residential therapeutic communities Diarmaid O'Lonargain Experiencing health services and mentalisation-based treatment for borderline personality disorder: Cathy Parker A qualitative investigation of the experience of coping and recovery from stroke at a young age.

Melanie Booth The self regulation model and psychological outcomes of people with primary brain tumours. Dominic Basson An investigation into the role of worry and rumination in deliberate selfharm. website for essay writing on environment in hindi Anna Caudwell Differential coping with disease-related stressors and its effects on psychological outcomes and quality of life in people with Parkinson's Disease and their spouses.

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Anna Warm The role of attachment experiences and emotional regulation in deliberate self-harm Graduating year Yasmeen Akram-Saleem A study to investigate empathy amongst adult offenders and non-offenders with mild intellectual disabilities Jennifer Atkinson A study to investigate the emotional and behavioural adjustment of Asylum seeker, refugee and British Children attending a Primary School in the United Kingdom Clare Calvert An exploration of the relationships between trauma and delusional ideation in secure services Rachel Crossley Experiments of antipsychotic medication for people with Learning Disabilities Ruth Fowlie Social inclusion, citizenship and people with intellectual disabilities Ruth Fox A study of the relationship between Childhood Trauma and Symptom profiles of Bipolar disorder Tamsin Fryer The experience of being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis: A qualitative analysis Sicilia, Anna Chiara Risk-taking behaviour in people diagnosed with bipolar disorder Smith, Laura What are the experiences of caring for a loved one with a chronic illness Watterson, Rachel Emotional and systemic experiences of having a partner with dementia Wedlock, Laura The role of interpreters in accessing psychological support and developing relationships in mental health and deafness Williamson, Emma Does professional language affect help seeking in young people? An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis Jenny King Dementia and long-term care experiences from a relative's perspective Amy Mawson A qualitative exploration of voice hearing within an interpersonal context Victoria Molyneaux The caring relationship:

The role of optimism Jennifer Seamans Experiences of pregnancy for women with eating disorders: Fiona Eccles Perceptions of cause and control in people with Parkinson's Disease. Couples' experiences and current approaches to treatment. Psychology dissertation ideas on mental health Jaime Craig Social reasoning, paranoia and theory of mind in adults with Asperger's syndrome and paranoid psychosis. Catherine Houseman Anger beliefs and behaviour; an investigation of associations with hypomania in a non-clinical sample.

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